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You are here: Home / , , Gurdas Maan Roti Album Release on 3rd August

Gurdas Maan Roti Album Release on 3rd August

| 1 Comment
Download Roti alumb Free

Gurdas Maan Roti Album is Releasing on 3rd August Via Speed Records and All Digital platforms.Gurdas Maan is Returning After many Years and This Album is Surely be a BIG ONE.Video of Some Leading Songs are ready and Ist Song will be Aired on All Punjabi TV Channels in 10 Days time.

The Main Song ROTI is Very BIG and Gurdas Maan Got huge Response Wherever he performed this Song till Date.So Watchout for the BIG Song by THE BIG MAN.Roti Showdown will Start From 3rd August and We Hope THE LEGEND Continues his Knockout Performance.

Download Roti alumb Free
Sare brahm ch us bande nu nek mannde
Jine hakk halaal di khaayi roti
Ohna ghra vich barktaan rehndiya ne
Jihna khair fakeer nu payi roti….

Watch Unofficial Gurdas Maan Roti Song Video